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Pl. Register by paying Rs.5,750 /- Infavor of TVS ELECTRONICS LIMITED towards annual subscription - Contact No-044-42275017 & 0440- 42275084 "Blanking line,Indexing machine & EOT crane available in Ford for disposal contact +91 9940282228" Are you looking to sell your used car at best price contact MR.Solomon Raja @ 9094141000

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Current AuctionsUpcoming Auctions
1. FW-9-16-5772-Auction for the disposal of MS fabrication scrap-26-Sep-16 (7 Items)
2. FW-9-16-5831-Auction for the disposal of sell Machining Scrap, Bearing Scrap, Bi-metal Scrap, Bush Lock, Carbide, Misc Scrap, Boring copper and slitting role and Drums etc available at Parwanoo-26-Sep-16 (16 Items)
3. FW-9-16-5839-Auction for the disposal of Transformers,Li-Ups,Metal Items,Batteries & Electical Items @ Chennai-26-Sep-16 (1 Items)
4. FW-9-16-5845-Auction for the disposal of scrap material available at Zaheerabad-26-Sep-16 (2 Items)
5. FW-9-16-5850-Auction for the disposal of Used E waste items available at Hosur-26-Sep-16 (3 Items)
6. FW-9-16-5822-Auction for the disposal of scrap items on quarterly contract at Hosur-27-Sep-16 (34 Items)
7. FW-9-16-5826-Auction for the disposal of Wood, Plastic pallets, Commercial Steels Etc-27-Sep-16 (5 Items)
8. FW-9-16-5829-Auction for the disposal of End Chippings & MIS Roll @ Pondy-27-Sep-16 (2 Items)
9. FW-9-16-5838-Auction for the disposal of One time Scrap materials available at Hosur-27-Sep-16 (7 Items)
10. FW-9-16-5840-Auction for the disposal of Used Battery Bank Cells @ Orissa (Bhubaneshwar) & UP East (Lucknow)-27-Sep-16 (2 Items)
11. FW-9-16-5843-Auction for the disposal of Paper and Carton Scrap, Drums (PVC & Iron), MS Scrap, Garbage, Wood, Alum and Iron Scrap, Polythene, Copper Scrap, available at Lucknow-27-Sep-16 (11 Items)
12. FW-9-16-5774-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Turning & Boring, Aluminium Scrap Mutilated, CI turnings& Borings&Empty Drums Etc-28-Sep-16 (14 Items)
13. FW-9-16-5819-Auction for the disposal of MS Swarf, MS Rejected Product Scrap, Etc-28-Sep-16 (9 Items)
14. FW-9-16-5823-Auction for the disposal of MS Swarf, MS Rejected Product Scrap-28-Sep-16 (2 Items)
15. FW-9-16-5830-Auction for the disposal of MS Trimming Scrap, Scrap Cut Wheels/Disc/RIM etc available at Bawal-28-Sep-16 (1 Items)
16. FW-9-16-5836-Auction for the disposal of Turnings (Baled) & Boring, CV / DC Defaced Rims & Gas Cut Sections, End Cuttings of Sheets, Etc-28-Sep-16 (17 Items)
17. FW-9-16-5851-Auction for the disposal of MS Punching, CRCA, MS Boring, various production scrap materials ( 1month contract) available at Hosur-28-Sep-16 (8 Items)
18. FW-9-16-5794-Auction for the disposal of Regular Items-29-Sep-16 (5 Items)
19. FW-9-16-5801-Auction for the disposal of of Regular Items-29-Sep-16 (5 Items)
20. FW-9-16-5832-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Swarf, Aluminium Foundry Rejected, Etc @ Padi-29-Sep-16 (7 Items)
21. FW-9-16-5833-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Swarf, Aluminium Foundry Rejected, Etc @ Oragadam-29-Sep-16 (5 Items)
22. FW-9-16-5834-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium Swarf, Aluminium Foundry Rejected, Etc @ Mahindracity-29-Sep-16 (2 Items)
23. FW-9-16-5848-Auction for the disposal of MACHINE(Ford Register Vendor only allowed)-30-Sep-16 (1 Items)
24. FW-10-16-5820-Auction for the disposal of CNG compressor at Ahmedabad-4-Oct-16 (7 Items)
25. FW-10-16-5844-Auction for the disposal of 1000 Couple Wrist Watches available at New Delhi-4-Oct-16 (1 Items)
26. FW-10-16-5821-Auction for the disposal of used batteries-5-Oct-16 (13 Items)
27. FW-10-16-5847-Auction for the disposal of General Items @ Oragadam-5-Oct-16 (18 Items)
28. FW-10-16-5849-Auction for the disposal of General Items-5-Oct-16 (65 Items)
Land Sale

13 Acres of Industrial Land avl for disposal at Urse (Pune)
Close to Mumbai-Pune Express Way.

For Details   : Pl. contact .9025838562

Surplus inventory @ HCL Jaipur, 8802141417, 9840020867,  9787953076




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