Pl. Register by paying Rs.5,750 /- Infavor of TVS ELECTRONICS LIMITED towards annual subscription - Contact No-044-42275017 & 0440- 42275084 Used Test & Measuring Instruments Available For Sale At Chennai {Oscilloscope, Multi meter, CDOT Exchange LTC/TTC Testers, Universal AVO meter, Wattsmeter Etc,DC, Dual DC, Digital Psophometer, 3 Phase Power Analyser, Dimmerstart Autotransformer ,Rf NETWORK ANALYZER,CDMA analyzer,Terminal Traffic Generator,Spectrum Analyzer,Signal Generators,Digital Transmission Analyser}

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1. FW-6-16-5589-Auction for the disposal of Machining Scrap, Bearing Scrap, Bi-metal Scrap, Bush Lock, Carbide, Misc Scrap, Boring copper and slitting role and Drums etc available at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh-28-Jun-16 (22 Items)
2. FW-6-16-5594-Auction for the disposal of MS Swarf, MS Rejected Product Scrap, Etc @ Sundaram Fasteners Limited-Mahindra World City-28-Jun-16 (11 Items)
3. FW-6-16-5595-Auction for the disposal of Sale Used DG Sets, Used Battery Bank Cell, Used Shelters, E-Waste etc lying at Kerala (Cohin), AP/TG (Hyderabad), Karnataka (Bangalore) & Tamilnadu (Chennai)-28-Jun-16 (25 Items)
4. FW-6-16-5553-Auction for the disposal of Auction for the disposal of MS Borings and Turnings, CI Borings and Turnings Etc { Contract Valid July to Sep 2016 )-29-Jun-16 (21 Items)
5. FW-6-16-5582-Auction for the disposal of Turnings (Baled) & Boring, CV / DC Defaced Rims & Gas Cut Sections, End Cuttings of Sheets-29-Jun-16 (17 Items)
6. FW-6-16-5599-Auction for the disposal of DG set & Compressor Scrap-29-Jun-16 (4 Items)
7. FW-6-16-5603-Auction for the disposal of Used Nickel available @Hosur-29-Jun-16 (1 Items)
8. FW-6-16-5571-Auction for the disposal of Used Battery Bank Frame and E- Waste at Bhiwandi, Pune and Bhopal, Nazafgarh, Lucknow, Meerut, Cochin-30-Jun-16 (35 Items)
9. FW-6-16-5580-Auction for the disposal of Aluminium ASH, Al Swarf, scrap Pure ash etc. available at Hosur-30-Jun-16 (6 Items)
10. FW-6-16-5590-Auction for the disposal of Ford Assets-30-Jun-16 (3 Items)
11. FW-6-16-5596-Auction for the disposal of Scrap Dies and Machining @plant8-30-Jun-16 (1 Items)
12. FW-6-16-5597-Auction for the disposal of Sale of Scrap lying at Nesa (Guwanati) , Jharkhand (Jhamshedpur), Orissa (Bhubaneshwar) , Bihar (Patna) & WB (Kolkata)-30-Jun-16 (20 Items)
13. FW-6-16-5600-Auction for the disposal of Items at Ashok Leyland unit 2 Hosur (Absolute & 3 months contract)-30-Jun-16 (13 Items)
14. FW-6-16-5601-Auction for the disposal of Scrap @Ashok Leyland Limited Unit II - Hosur-30-Jun-16 (36 Items)
15. FW-7-16-5592-Auction for the disposal of Turning & Boring Scrap, Melting Scrap Etc @ Diff Locations-1-Jul-16 (7 Items)
16. FW-7-16-5605-Auction for the disposal of MS Borings, Trimburr, PVC Barrels, Product Scrap And Coil End Bit Scrap (Rate Contract) @Sundram Fasteners Limited-Krishnapuram-1-Jul-16 (13 Items)
17. FW-7-16-5602-Auction for the disposal of Used Oil,Old Genset,AC and etc@Adyar Ananda Bhavan-4-Jul-16 (9 Items)
18. FW-7-16-5598-Auction for the disposal of Machinery-7-Jul-16 (1 Items)
Land Sale

13 Acres of Industrial Land avl for disposal at Urse (Pune)
Close to Mumbai-Pune Express Way.

For Details   : Pl. contact .9025838562

Surplus inventory @ HCL Jaipur, 8802141417, 9840020867,  9787953076

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