Pl. Register by paying Rs.5,725 /- Infavor of TVS ELECTRONICS LIMITED towards annual subscription | Unused Lapp cable for sale - Contact Mr. G P.Mohan Raj - 9962932223 SALE OF 3520 SQ FT PLOT NO.15 AT VELAYUDAM NAGAR, MURUGAPPA STREET, NEAR COLLECTOR OFFICE, KANCHEEPURAM.", BROKERS EXCUSE, CONTACT 9840708132

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2000 MT Scrapped Tyres per month
Mr. RK. Balaram - 9940011423
Mr. K. Sethuraman - 9840020867

Unused Door Fitting

Unused Door Fitting for sale -
Mr. D.Jackson Jayaraj - 9600003288
Current AuctionsUpcoming Auctions
1. FW-2-16-5074-Auction for the disposal of Assets-8-Feb-16 (23 Items)
2. FW-2-16-5149-Auction for the disposal of Tor Steel scrap, Structural Steel scrap @ Soolagiri-8-Feb-16 (3 Items)
3. FW-2-16-5150-Auction for the disposal of Scrap PVC empty drum 210 ltr capacity, Scrap Big Size Tyre @ Soolagiri-8-Feb-16 (12 Items)
4. FW-2-16-5159-Auction for the disposal of MS Solid, Turning-Boring Scrap available at Manesar and Khushkhera Plant-8-Feb-16 (4 Items)
5. FW-2-16-5141-Auction for the disposal of Spares @ GANGAIKONDAN-9-Feb-16 (4 Items)
6. FW-2-16-5153-Auction for the disposal of MS Heavy Scrap, Turning Boring Scrap, Wood, Nickel, Brass, Carbide, Tools Garbage Scrap and Drums etc available at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan-9-Feb-16 (12 Items)
7. FW-2-16-5158-Auction for the disposal of Assets @ Chennai-9-Feb-16 (18 Items)
8. FW-2-16-5160-Auction for the disposal of Assets (Only Ford approved Registered vendor are allowed )-9-Feb-16 (7 Items)
9. FW-2-16-4998-Auction for the disposal of Machines-10-Feb-16 (32 Items)
10. FW-2-16-5147-Auction for the disposal of Automatic chargers, Batteries @ Chennai-10-Feb-16 (32 Items)
11. FW-2-16-5154-Auction for the disposal of Assets-10-Feb-16 (14 Items)
12. FW-2-16-5156-Auction for the disposal of ROUND BARS @ Tadipatri-10-Feb-16 (1 Items)
13. FW-2-16-5157-Auction for the disposal of BILLETS @ Tadipatri-10-Feb-16 (1 Items)
14. FW-2-16-5151-Auction for the disposal of Cotton Comber Noils, Cotton Flat Strips @ Madurai & Ambasamuthiram-11-Feb-16 (4 Items)
15. FW-2-16-5139-Auction for the disposal of Machineries @ Diff Locations-12-Feb-16 (17 Items)
16. FW-2-16-5161-Auction for the disposal of Tor Steel Scrap, Structural steel scrap at Vizag-12-Feb-16 (3 Items)
17. FW-2-16-5140-Auction for the disposal of Unused Boards @ Chennai-15-Feb-16 (10 Items)
18. FW-2-16-5148-Auction for the disposal of Used Machineries @ Guindy-15-Feb-16 (19 Items)
GOP Auction